An upper-level biology course at a California university is teaching students that human fetuses are comparable to cancers and parasites, a photo from a lecture shows.

The disturbing image circulating on Twitter features a slide from a PowerPoint presentation titled, “parallels between fetuses and cancers.”

According to the slide, a fetus is “a legitimate parasite” and behaves like cancer because it “rapidly grows, invades, manipulates immunity of mother, and reshapes blood vessels.”

The image was taken during a UC San Diego class, according to the Twitter user who uploaded the photo, aspiring neurosurgeon Dylan Griswold.

Griswold says he was “speechless” after being sent the photo by a friend.

“The presentation was given by a professor in the school of medicine @UCSanDiego … not a student,” Griswold clarified.

The point of the slide is clear, says Griswold: “The class title is ‘biology of disease’ and as all ‘woke’ medical students know, pregnancy is a disease. Abortion is the remedy.”

One competing counter-argument given on social media is that the class was discussing immunology and how tumors can evade the body’s defenses due to their biological similarities to fetuses.

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