“Trigger warning,” reads a sign outside the Hofstra University Student Center, where the much anticipated presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will take place.

Topics discussed at the debate between the two major US party candidates could “trigger” more sensitive students, the sign warned.

“The event conducted just beyond this sign may contain triggering and/or sensitive material. Sexual violence, sexual assault, and abuse are some topics mentioned within this event. If you feel triggered, please know there are resources to help you,” the sign reads, directing affected students to various counseling services.

“I guess these are common now on college campuses?” CBS New York reporter Tony Aiello asked in a tweet featuring the sign.

The message could be referring to more lewd aspects of Clinton’s personal life, especially after husband and former President Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about sexual relations he had throughout his presidency.

It’s unlikely Trump will attack Clinton on her spouse’s numerous infidelities, but the hotel mogul had expressed interest in inviting former Bill mistress Gennifer Flowers to sit at the front of the debate audience after Clinton said she would invite Never Trump diehard Marc Cuban.

Trump campaign spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway later said they had not reached out to Ms. Flowers.

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