A professor at Saint Joseph’s University, reportedly named Dr. David Parry, was recorded telling his class they “don’t have to open their hearts” to white Trump supporters.

In the race-obsessed rant the Communications Studies professor can be heard talking specifically to minorities in his class, telling them, “They told you ‘you are not a person,’ and it is ok to deal with that how you want.”

Parry went on to feed the division that is spreading throughout the country, pitting white males in his class against minorities and females.

I think there are two groups of people in this room. There are white dudes like me who have lots of power, and there’s the other people in this room, and so I’m going to divide what I’m saying here about them. For people who are not in power, for people who are not in that group, I’m not going to tell you how to feel and how to be. I’m just going to invite you to feel and be any way you want.

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