A student at the University of New Hampshire was harassed by a fellow student for wearing a poncho on Cinco De Mayo.

Danique Montique is the woman behind the camera who was so triggered by the sight of a poncho on a white male that she felt the need to aggressively confront him.

When the man in the poncho, known as Mike, tried reasoning with Montique by telling her he was, “just celebrating,” she responded by saying, “It’s not your holiday!”

Danique cited current racial tensions in America as her reason for being offended by the garment and Mike replied by saying, “I’m very aware of what’s happening, there’s a great divide and I don’t like it.”

Irony seems to be lost on the woman who created a confrontation with a peaceful bystander because , according to her, he has “the most privilege in the whole f***ing country.”

This video should come as no surprise to anyone considering the long list of things deemed “racist” in 2017.

Clemson University recently gave its professors “diversity training” material that claimed it’s racist to expect foreign students to show up to class on time.

From the A-OK hand symbol, to Pepe the cartoon frog, to St. Patrick’s Day, almost everything is now considered politically incorrect to the left.

Nobody is safe from being labeled a racist in today’s climate as non-white conservatives around the country have also been ostracized for their support of President Trump.

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