As the bogus science of climate extremism collapses, the lavishly-funded profiteers of doom are becoming ever more desperate, especially in the universities.

Three times in the last month alone, I have endured blind, hate-filled prejudice from once respectable institutions of learning that are now mere mumbling mouthpieces for totalitarianism.

Case One: University College, London. Professor Athem Alsabti, a professorial fellow at the College, booked a lecture theater for a climate conference of 80 skeptical professors and 40 doctors of science, including Piers Corbyn, the brother of the leader of Britain’s labor party.

All was well until Professor Alsabti received a menacing email from Dr Jon Shuttleworth, the useless fathead in charge of the physics department, who described us as “a rather fringe group” and suggested the Professor had better cancel his booking. The Professor retreated.

Case Two: Montana Tech. One of the venues for my recent speaking tour of Montana was Montana Tech, the former school of mines (the last time a new mine was licensed in the “Treasure State” was 30 years ago).

Many faculty and students eager to hear me were disappointed because “Bev”, an uneducated bureaucrat, told my host, Professor Matt Egloff, that I “appeared to have no expertise.” She and other malevolent functionaries gave virtually no notice of my lecture.

My talk was kindly received by those who came. Professor Egloff later wrote to say numerous students had told him how disappointed to miss me. A student who had tried to email all students about the lecture told Professor Egloff that the email had been intercepted and had not been circulated.

Case Three: University of East Anglia. The home of the Climategate emails, in which Professor Phil Jones and others had discussed concealing and destroying data to hide its defects, is still up to its dirty tricks. The School of Environmental Sciences invited me to present a three-hour seminar on climate change to third-year students.

My learned clerk made the arrangements, dates were suggested and the School accepted my proposal for the format and subject-matter. Suddenly, however, I was discourteously disinvited. I was told I would be represented instead by some of my blog postings.

The day of reckoning is at hand. My closing keynote speech to the London climate conference, as well as my talk at Montana Tech, revealed a giant error right at the heart of the climate models. With an international team of professors and experts, I am close to finalizing the scientific paper that will reveal that the science was not settled – it was fatally wrong.

I shall have great pleasure in drawing that paper to the attention of the Higher Education Funding Council for England. Expect major funding cuts at London University and the University of East Anglia. Prejudice covering bad science does not pay.

This is the lecture that ends the climate scare. Don’t miss it!

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