Last year on Labor Day, Coloradans were getting ready to vote on whether to recall two state senators over unconstitutional anti-Second Amendment legislation they passed.

One year later, those two and a third are gone and the citizens of Castle Rock, Colorado have won another victory for the right to bear arms.

It should have been easy. Castle Rock is a conservative town in one of the most conservative counties on Colorado. In January, a majority of the city council voted to rescind the Town Manager’s authority to restrict open carry.

Not content with this decision, a vocal minority put an initiative on a special ballot to void the Council’s decision. By the time it reached the ballot, Measure A was worded so that “Yes” meant to validate the Council’s decision while “No” would overturn it. A second initiative, Measure B, was added to add a clause to the town charter requiring a vote of the people before enacting “Any restriction or limitation on the rights of citizens to keep and bear firearms…”

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