Law enforcement in Cologne, Germany, posted on social media in Arabic, welcoming revelers and assuring “secure celebrations” in the city.

On Twitter, they wrote, “A warm welcome to New Years Eve 2016 in Cologne.”

At no other time in recent months have they Tweeted in Arabic.

The Tweet linked to a longer Facebook post in four languages – German, English, French, and Arabic – that read, “Cologne Police wishes all people in the region of Cologne and Leverkusen and of course all others, too a happy New Years Eve. We hope that you stay healthy and that all your wishes come true in 2017. We have done our utmost to allow for secure celebrations in Cologne and Leverkusen.”

As the evening progressed, they continued to Tweet in multiple languages, including Arabic, at one point showing a large group of “Nafris” (North Africans) detained at the main train station for screening.

The picture, as well as usage of the term Nafri, sparked outrage from leftists and social justice warriors who accused law enforcement of ‘illegal racial profiling,’ despite the fact that many of the nearly 1,000 Nafris rejected from entering the city center were suspected of having committed crimes there last year.

Cologne was the site of over 1,300 crimes reported during New Year’s Eve celebrations just one year ago, including over 650 sexual assaults and 28 rapes. The vast majority of these offenses were carried out by ‘migrant men’ of Arab and African origin, as video footage and eye witness accounts revealed. Of the few suspects identified by police at the time, more than half were ‘asylum seekers.”

Third World invaders again wreaked havoc across Germany as 2016 came to a close, firing explosives at police officers and into crowds of innocent bystanders and families, setting private property ablaze, and perpetrating more sex attacks.

At least 14 young women were sexually assaulted in Hamburg, primarily by men from Africa and the Middle East.

Deutschland continues its rapid, terrifying descent into multicultural hell, where women and children are sacrificed at the altar of political correctness – and where Merkel’s favored “guests” are free to carry out their heinous crimes at will.

Facebook: Dan Lyman

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