Two suspects in the mass molestation of dozens of German women in Cologne on New Years Eve were found with a note in German and Arabic containing the phrases “I kill you” and “I want to have sex with you”.

The men, who are of “immigrant background,” are not being named but they were arrested at the site of where up to a thousand Arab and North Africans beat, groped and sexually assaulted scores of women during last week’s attacks.

Police found video recordings on the suspects’ phones which showed attacks on the women, as well as a note which contained translations from Arabic into German of the phrases, “Beautiful breasts,” “I want to have sex with you,” and “I’ll kill you”.

It has now been confirmed that over half of the suspects police have identified are asylum seekers and recently entered Germany as part of the deluge of migrants flooding into the country, which totaled 1.1 million in 2015.

The chief of Cologne’s police force, Wolfgang Albers, has been fired as a result of his mishandling of the events on New Years Eve. Police were “overwhelmed” by the mob of sex attackers and higher-ups failed to send back up in time to deal with the attackers.

Meanwhile, rumors are swirling that Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker, who told women to keep potential rapists at “arms length” to prevent attacks, is about to announce a new dress code that is sure to meet feminists’ approval.

Details of separate sex attacks in the cities of Helsinki and Zurich on New Years Eve have also emerged. In the Finnish capital, security personnel reported “widespread sexual harassment” by Iraqi asylum seekers during which they grabbed women’s breasts and tried to kiss them.

“This phenomenon is new in Finnish sexual crime history,” Ilkka Koskimaki, the deputy chief of police in Helsinki, told the Telegraph. “We have never before had this kind of sexual harassment happening at New Year’s Eve.”

Police were able to prevent around 1,000 Iraqi men from carrying out more attacks because they received a tip off beforehand.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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