June 21, 2009

We all know that the CIA has been involved in several coup d’etats ever since President Harry S. Truman spawned this creature. Hell, they’ve even done it once before in Iran, in 1953. And I think we also know that Iran has been in the crosshair’s of the neocons, neoliberals and other policy makers for quite a while. Even the RAND Corporation has been lobbying for another world war to “save the U.S. economy”.

And that, I think is reason enough to concider the possibility that the spooks might have their dirty little hands in this one aswell. It is of course their modus operandi.

[efoods]Now, obviously the CIA does not control thousands of protesters, not directly at least. But because the atmosphere in Iran was tense to begin with, all they really needed was to introduce a few catalysts to get the ball rolling. This could be seemingly random violence, clashes with the Revolutionary Guard and so on. And as we are pack animals, our herd mentality and mob behaviour quickly take over in situations like this. It’s pretty basic psychology actually.

But the CIA is only a means to an end by the powers that be, the CIA is just a tool. Next you will probably see lots of videos and images of Iranians being killed by the Islamic militants and other horrible atrocities occuring in the country. This footage will probably loop continuously for several months on TV and be spread through the internet on websites such as YouTube and Twitter. Joe Average will buy what they are selling, and he will get angry, and demand that the Obama administration do something about it.

The Obama administration will appear standoffish at first, saying they shouldn’t get involved in Iranian domestic matters, which is actually true. But this will just make Joe Average more angry as the mass media churns out more pictures of bloody Iranians, and Joe will call Obama a coward. Unless a coup d’etat is successful, some action might be taken, such as an invasion, bombing Iran or maybe just some sanctions, because Obama had “no choice”, the “people were demanding it”, so on and so forth.

And people will of course forget, for a while at least, all about the bankers stealing $9 trillion dollars.

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