Colorado Springs police said they had contained a lone gunman who opened fire Friday in the vicinity of a Planned Parenthood clinic, wounding three officers.

Police scanner traffic indicated at least two officers were down, one near a dumpster, and another taken by ambulance to a hospital, the Gazette in Colorado Springs reported. A Fox 21 reporter tweeted that police were trying to get to their third safely. It was unclear how big he area was where police said the the shooter was contained. A dispatcher said one patient was wounded at Elite Vision on Centennial Blvd., the Gazette reported. A later dispatch said at four were injured and an officer was heard requesting an ambulance. Another officer indicated wounded patients were being taken to Penrose Hospital. Officers from the Colorado Springs Police and the Colorado State Patrol are at the scene with guns drawn and pointed in the direction of the Planned Parenthood clinic, the paper reported. Multiple fire engines and ambulances were also on the scene. One officer said on his radio that the gunman shot out the back window of his cruiser as the officer tried to “get a look at him,” the paper reported. Read more

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