A comedian and writer for the Late Late Show tweeted that he was “happy” Ivanka trump was harassed by a passenger on a JetBlue flight, before deleting the tweet after complaining he had been harassed.

Brooklyn attorney Dan Goldstein verbally abused Ivanka Trump and her children according to eyewitnesses, yelling at her, “Your father is ruining the country!” Goldstein allegedly screamed, “Why is she on our flight? She should be flying private.”

Goldstein’s gay husband Matthew Lasner later claimed that the pair were kicked off the flight for “expressing displeasure” about flying with a member of the Trump family. This was after Lasner had tweeted that Goldstein was “chasing them down to harass them”.

The incident was widely condemned by Trump supporters as an example of the left’s hypocrisy. While constantly invoking the phrase “love trumps hate,” Trump haters are hatefully harassing women and children.

Comedian Ian Karmel didn’t see it that way however, responding to the controversy by tweeting, “I’m not crying at all. The opposite. I’m happy she was harassed. F**k her and her shit family.”

“If I see Ivanka Trump, or any member of that Anti-American cadre of evil, I’ll harass the fuck out of them. I promise,” he added.

Karmel later deleted his tweet, complaining that he was being harassed in his Twitter mentions. Oh, the irony.

When another Twitter user suggested that Karmel could get fired for the tweet, his boss Ben Winston, an executive producer with the Late Late Show, tweeted his support for Karmel.

As the Daily Caller documented, innumerable leftists and celebrities responded to the incident by either doubting the story or supporting the harassment of Ivanka Trump.

Self-proclaimed feminist Jessica Valenti, who routinely complains about being harassed by men, sided with the man who harassed Ivanka Trump.

Actress Reagan Gomez put the blame on Ivanka for choosing to fly commercial and not private. Yes, really

The totality of the reaction was particularly ironic given that many on the left chose to believe professional hoaxer Adam Saleh’s baseless allegationthat he was kicked off a Delta flight for speaking Arabic, a claim disputed by numerous eyewitnesses, while doubting or even endorsing the harassment of Ivanka Trump.


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