Comedian Rob Schneider slammed Democrat voters in California.

On Wednesday, the former Saturday Night Live cast member took a swipe at leftists in the Golden State, while retweeting an article discussing socialist tyranny.

“Unfortunately, people in California would vote for a bowl of shit if it had ‘D’ next to it,” Schneider wrote.

The comedian’s remark was in response to a Telegraph article titled, “The Left’s ignorance of Stalin’s tyranny against the kulaks should worry us all.”

The Washington Times highlights Schneider’s comment was similar to one made by House Majority Leader Sen. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who stated shortly after AOC’s victory that a “glass of water with a D next to its name” would have won the district.

The following documentary explains how Joseph Stalin led the “kulaks” down the road to enslavement, despite the rural farm workers being the source of Russia’s short-lived economic success at the time.

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