Comedy Central is set to release highly edited clips of its confrontation with Alex Jones in Washington DC.

The network’s Infowars rip-off The Opposition sent Kobi Libii, AKA Chuck E. Cheese the Rat, to confront Jones while he was in DC for a National Press Club speech.

Jones predicted the show would deceptively edit his statements every two seconds to misrepresent what he said – and indeed they did.

In fact, the show cut Infowars’ own footage of the encounter and put out fake digital edits to confuse viewers.

But Infowars cameras were rolling when Libii’s fake news attacks fell flat – to the amusement of thousands tuned in to live streams online.

The attacks are part of a larger scheme by the establishment to discredit Infowars and distort who we are.

While Infowars has never labeled the students at Parkland “crisis actors,” we have maintained the mainstream media selected a handful of anti-gun student victims, some of whom were in school drama clubs, as PR spokespeople to regurgitate scripted narratives approved by the left.

Watch the full street interview confrontation:

And Part 2, at the Alex Jones Q&A inside the Mayflower Hotel:

Watch The Opposition‘s edit of Alex Jones’ street interview:

Also, watch Jones’ National Press Club speech addressing several fraudulent lawsuits launched against Infowars:

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