Authorities in Bulgaria recently unveiled an official committee to help secure the top spot at the United Nations for Bulgarian communist operative Irina Bokova (shown), and the devil is in more than just the details — it is embedded in the whole sordid affair.

Among other concerns, the official campaign team is dominated by known communist agents who worked for the ruthless Bulgarian “security” service known as the “little KGB.” The team is even led by a prominent former spy for the murderous Soviet-backed regime that once enslaved the Eastern European nation. Top establishment media outlets have called Bokova the “frontrunner” to lead the UN, with sources saying it was part of an expensive PR campaign. But critics are speaking out.

The former New York-based communist spy leading Bokova’s UN election campaign, Rajko Rajchev, was described by his brutal superiors in declassified regime files as “very well prepared ideologically.” Despite the growing outrage by survivors of the regime’s brutality, another seven members of Bokova’s UN election committee, at least, are also reported to be ex-spies for the communist regime’s savage “state security” apparatus. As the United Nations becomes increasingly powerful, the implications of the new revelations should alarm the entire world.

There are a number of other scandals swirling around Bokova’s candidacy. Most recently, unanswered corruption questions have been raised about a number of luxury properties she owns, including a Manhattan apartment worth more than $3 million. She also reportedly owns properties worth more than $1 million each in London and in Paris, according to an investigation by Bulgarian watchdog Bivol. Media investigators examined her publicly acknowledged bloated salary and noted that, even with that and her former communist agent husband’s tax-funded income, the math does not come close to adding up.

In her post as secretary-general of UNESCO, there have also been multiple red flags raised, including allegations of major procedural violations, conflicts of interest, and more in her appointment of a crony with fake qualifications to a top job. Bokova then tried to quash an internal report outlining the scandal to avoid impeachment.

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