Communists are taking advantage of the Mike Brown protests.

They seem to think a communist revolution will put an end to violent cops. History shows in fact the exact opposite is the case.

After taking power in Russia, Lenin formed the Cheka. It assumed the right to conduct quick non-judicial trials and executions. The Cheka was later transformed into the NKVD. It engaged in mass executions, political assassination, torture, engineered famine and rounding up millions of “enemies of the state” who were interned in gulags, or forced labor camps.

Stalin liquidated the Bolshevik Party “Old Guard” and institutionalized terror. Author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn put the number of people killed by Stalin and his version of the communist revolution at 60 million.

Socialists, be they “red” or “nationalist,” invariably purge and murder all opposition in order to gain, consolidate and hold power. In order to do this, they require paramilitary organizations like the Cheka and NKVD.

In short, the same sort of thugs the “revolutionary communists” pictured above want punished.

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