Kurt Nimmo
October 31, 2011

The video below shows a set for the new version of the movie Red Dawn. It was recorded on a street in Pontiac, Michigan.

It’s interesting to note the posters shown in the video. One is reminiscent of the Occupy Wall Street crowd, while another looks like something the Department of Homeland Security might put out.

The poster on the right is indistinguishable from an OWS placard.

See something, say something.

Collectivists are drearily predictable. They invariably call for redistribution of wealth but the money never seems to make it to the unwashed masses. It is always used to build a surveillance state like the one in East Germany or Cuba.

Instead of using money confiscated from the producers to make life better for the workers, redistribution schemes are always used to enlarge the size and power of government, pay off special vested interests, and create a class of fat cat bureaucrats to lord over citizen-subjects.

The remake of Red Dawn originally had the communist Chinese invading America, but this was changed in post production after state-run media in China complained. Instead of China, the invasion of the United States portrayed in the film is launched by North Korea, a mega-failed state that can’t feed its own people.

It’s probably not a good idea for an American film company to anger the country that holds our national debt.

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