Henry Shivley
July 26, 2012

There is a correspondence making its way around the internet proposing an army of unarmed patriots going to Washington DC on November 5thto arrest the federal government.  This is nothing more than another attempt by the soviet socialists to hijack the patriot movement, no different than the so called May Day Protests, though this scheme is a bit more elaborate.

Since the patriot movement became a force to reckon with, with the grass roots Tea Party, the international elite have been seeking to infiltrate but have only managed to succeed to the extent that the Tea Party put forth an agenda which was hijacked by the neo-cons.

With the Occupy Movement, the soviet socialists have seen raw power via our army of individuals and the true grass roots Tea Party, as individuals, has been incorporated.  The international corporate mafia sees its destruction as eminent, thus this latest attempt at sabotage.

The soviet socialist put forth their plan for we patriots to remove one element of their organization and then propose we must elect a new government within 90 days to prevent unrest, and I’ll tell you what; they already have that government organized.

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