Democrat presidential candidate Robert “Beto” O’Rourke does normal everyday things just like you and me. This was evidenced by a recent totally real, not-staged-whatsoever incident involving a flat Toyota Tundra tire on a smooth road.

“Well, I’m changing the tire on this truck,” Beto tells the person filming, pretending he does this sort of thing regularly.

See? If ever you questioned if Beto was just another wealthy, elitist leftist politician, you’ve just been proven 100% wrong. Checkmate, bigot.

Beto has pulled similar stunts in the past, including live-streaming his haircut, and live-streaming his visit to the dentist.

Other Democrat candidates tried their best to seem relatable over the weekend at the Iowa State Fair, ahead of next month’s third round of debates.

Kamala Harris ate a pork chop!

Bill de Blasio and Bernie Sanders ate corndogs! Look at ’em go!

Elizabeth Warren smiled with a corndog!

And Andrew Yang stuffed his face with a turkey leg!

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