Previous reservations no longer honored as Bilderberg hotel vacated in alarm over mounting protests.
May 30, 2012

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Hours after the Westfields Marriott called Alex Jones to cancel his reservation and inform him that he would not be allowed to stay in the hotel two days prior to the Bilderberg conference starting on May 31, Infowars confirmed that ALL guests had been kicked out of the hotel and/or refused for booked stays, instead offering one night’s accommodation at the Residence Inn in Chantilly (also Marriott owned).

Infowars crew member Aaron Dykes, who booked separately, was also refused after attempting to check into his room at the Westfields Marriott, but was told the location was “overbooked” at the front desk (despite the fact that the hotel was notably vacant, as was the parking lot). This link shows the voucher letter issued by management:… Unlike, Alex Jones, no courtesy call was offered to Aaron Dykes, or presumably other guests, who instead faced an unexpected disruption to their travel plans.

The only residents at Westfields allowed to stay for the night of May 29 belonged to a conference unrelated to Bilderberg ending the same day. Staff members seemed on edge, and offered different explanations for the unavailability of the hotel– some claiming it was overbooked, while others claimed ‘reconstruction’ was underway. Both explanations were phony, as Bilderberg obviously panicked at mounting protests and cleared all remaining guests from the rosters.

This was a marked contrast to four years ago during the Bilderberg conference of 2008 at the same hotel, during which ordinary guests were allowed to stay until the morning that the conference began (including Alex Jones & crew). This time around was quite different indeed.

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