A woman held by Lebanese authorities is not the wife of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Iraq’s Interior Ministry said Wednesday, injecting further confusion into an already murky situation.

The reported detention of a wife and child of al-Baghdadi — the leader of a self-declared Islamic state spanning large areas of Iraq and Syria — has spurred intrigue into who exactly the woman is and what she might know about the terrorist group’s inner workings.

But the Iraqi ministry, citing a source in an intelligence cell under its authority, said the woman’s identity didn’t match up with either of the names it has for al-Baghdadi’s two wives.

Authorities in Lebanon, where the woman was arrested, haven’t officially commented on the matter. Neither has the CIA, amid suggestions that Western intelligence was involved in her capture.

Before the Iraqi announcement further muddied the waters, the details surrounding al-Dulaimi and her capture were already pretty fuzzy.
Here are some of the main areas of interest — and contention.

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