Congress is considering new methods to crack down on and expose a state-controlled Iranian airline company that routinely uses commercial flights to ferry weapons and terrorist fighters to regional hotspots, according to a copy of new bipartisan legislation circulating through the Senate and obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The legislation comes after U.S. plane manufacturer Boeing has announced plans to move forward with a multi-billion dollar deal with Iran Air, an Iranian state-controlled company that is likely to dole out at least a portion of the new airplanes to Mahan Air, another state-controlled carrier suspected of playing a key role in the country’s terrorism operations.

The new legislation, which specifically targets Mahan Air, would require the Trump administration to provide Congress with a list of all airports where the commercial carrier has landed. This information will be used to boost security measures on all planes flying into the United States that may have docked at an airport used by Mahan Air.

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