Congressman Paul Ryan believes he has remedies for immigration, healthcare and the economy. In a wide-ranging interview with Yahoo Finance, the potential presidential candidate and author of the new book, “The Way Forward: Renewing the American Idea,” tells Bianna Golodryga that he has not yet decided whether he’s running for president in 2016, but his strong opinions on a number of domestic and international policies suggest otherwise.

Ryan’s remedy for immigration

One of the most contentious issues – and an issue on which Congressman Ryan differs somewhat from some of his Republican colleagues – is immigration. This week, there has been renewed speculation that President Obama could bring immigration back to the fore and possibly take some action in the form of executive orders while Congress is out of town.

Congressman Ryan, meanwhile, says he has a remedy for immigration in this country. “First, you have to actually secure the border; you actually have to have what we call interior enforcement, which is a verification system on the job to make sure that people are lawfully present in this country, are who they say they are; you have to have a visa-tracking system,” he says. “But I also say we have to fix legal immigration so that it works for our economy because we have to recognize that in the future, with baby-boomers retiring, we will have areas of labor shortages that need to be addressed and if they’re not addressed, we will have a shrinking economy; we will not hit our potential.”

In the past, Ryan has supported bipartisan legislation that many of the most conservative republicans rejected, including a 2006 bill put forward by Congressman Luis Guterriez – a democrat – which included citizenship rights.

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