“Looks like Weimar Germany”

January 1, 2014

A photo depicting gun owners in Connecticut waiting in line to register their firearms is sparking outrage, with one Twitter user claiming the scene “Looks like Weimar Germany.”

Yesterday was the last day Connecticut residents could register “certain assault weapons as well as high-capacity magazines,” under a new state law, according to NBC Connecticut.

Many speculate reports of long lines, in addition to threats that unregistered firearm owners would immediately become criminals come January 1st for possessing “illegal contraband,” merely serve to scare gun owners into complying with the unconstitutional mandate. However, the tactic doesn’t seem to be working.

As of Christmas only a paltry 25,000 “assault weapons” had been registered, in addition to only 17,000 “high-capacity” magazines.

“I’m willing to bet that 25,000 registered assault weapons represents a minority of the firearms that are legally required to be registered under the law,” suspected J.D. Tuccille of Reason. “Considering that the vast majority of ‘assault weapons’ use magazines restricted under the new law, and that most people purchase multiple magazines for their rifles, 17,000 registrations in that category should be seen as wildly underwhelming.”

While only a dismal minority actually showed up to registration events, the move to implement the law shows the state means business when it comes to eviscerating the peoples’ rights.

“The gun-grabbers have managed to scare less than ten-percent of Connecticut gun owners into compliance with this unconstitutional new law, men and women who never cherished nor understood liberty, nor the blood sacrifices made for them by previous generations,” observed Bob Owens writing for BearingArms.com. “Over time, the government will tighten these restrictions even more, until those foolish enough to sign up for this registration scheme are disarmed entirely.”

As enraging as the photo is, Tuccille emphasizes laws like these, which overtly infringe on the Second Amendment, have historically been ignored or defied by the American people.

In a white paper on the results of gun control efforts around the world, Gun Control and the Reduction of the Number of Arms, Franz Csaszar, a professor of criminology at the University of Vienna, Austria, wrote, “non-compliance with harsher gun laws is a common event.” He estimated that Germans registered 3.2 million of 17-20 million affected weapons when registration was implemented in that country in 1972. Austrians, he says, registered perhaps a quarter to a third of weapons subject to a similar law in 1996.

When California imposed “assault weapon” registration in 1990, The New York Times reported “only about 7,000 weapons of an estimated 300,000 in private hands in the state have been registered” at the time the grace period came to a close.

As we and others have exhaustively pointed out, no matter the volume of reassurances from liberals, gun registration – as innocently as it initially begins – inevitably leads to confiscation.

Just ask gun owners deemed “mentally unstable” in California if this is the case.

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