Connecticut is working on a really bad idea that would probably do more harm than good. Or what is more commonly referred to as a law.

Of course, Connecticut has had some garbage ideas in the past (See Democratic Attorneys General Want to Punish ‘Climate Change Deniers’ to the ‘Full Extent of the Law’). So this may not come as a shock to anyone. Still, it’s disturbing in its own right.

The pending legislation proposes that alleged domestic abusers -the majority of cases involving a male- would be required to surrender their firearms and ammunition if their partners seek temporary restraining orders, regardless of due process or proof. “The right to live is more important than any other right we have,” said Senator Mae Flexer, who has worked in recent years on domestic-violence issues.


I agree, Senator. Safety is important. That’s why I propose we make it illegal for women and the elderly to drive.

We can’t make everything that’s potentially dangerous illegal (Dear Wimps Willing to Exchange Liberty for ‘Safety’). Then we’d have no bungee jumping. Or alcohol. Every time another law is implemented, a piece of freedom shrivels up and dies. Just look at the details of this would-be but shouldn’t-be law: “required to surrender… if their partners seek temporary retraining orders, regardless of due process or proof.”

Regardless of due process. OR PROOF.

In other words, if the man’s partner just friggin feels like being a harpy.

Does that say if the partner is granted a restraining order? Nope. If they seek one. Regardless. Of. Proof. Let me know how that works out. I’m guessing these guys haven’t been keeping up to date with the loads of false accusations people have been making lately. Here’s 1234for example.

Proof? That’s just an unnecessary nuisance to Connecticut lawmakers.

NoPower GIF

This is yet another move to deny people their right to keep and bear arms. They’re barely trying to hide just how gun-grabbing happy they are. Let’s also note it’s these same people, who claim to be champions of rights, who will gladly kill unborn children for any reason whatsoever.

Also, despite what any leftist tells you, you DO have the right to keep and bear arms. Here’s some needed background on the Second Amendment:

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