Kurt Nimmo
April 2, 2013

Connecticut will soon follow New York and impose unconstitutional restraints on the Second Amendment.

In addition to reaching an agreement to outlaw “high-capacity magazines” in the future, lawmakers have agreed to create a so-called “eligibility certificate” for residents legally practicing their right to own a firearm. Gun owners will be required to submit fingerprints to the state and take a mandatory firearms training course. A universal background check will also be required under the law.

Connecticut will also establish a registry for “dangerous weapons offenders,” a system similar to the sex-offender registry.

The legislature attempted to ban outright all magazines with a capacity over 10 rounds, but the measure was rejected. Democrats had trotted out Sandy Hook victims in an effort to get the ban included.

“It has been a thoughtful process and thorough process, and we are prepared now, as the Connecticut State Legislature, to move forward,” Senate President Donald E. Williams Jr. said after lawmakers reached an agreement to dilute the Second Amendment.

Connecticut House Speaker Brendan Sharkey said the pending measures should be adopted by Congress and enforced on millions of legal firearms owners around the country.

“This is the way to get this job done,” Sharkey said, “to do it in an effective, meaningful, thoughtful way, and to do it on a bipartisan basis, because our children deserve no less.”

“When you take all the elements and compare it, I think you could judiciously say this is the strongest bill in the nation,” said Ron Pinciaro, executive director of Connecticut Against Gun Violence.

The bill will go to both houses of the Connecticut General Assembly and is expected to pass.

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