Savage was outraged by the grand jury’s decision not to indict NYPD Officer Daniel Panteleo after his use of an illegal chokehold led to the death of petty criminal Eric Garner.

“Forget the ‘white/black’ issue,” he told his listeners, “although that’s a big part of it. The officer is, in my opinion, a common bar thug and a coward.

“OK, Eric Garner broke the law. He was selling unlicensed cigarettes, and he had a rap sheet of minor crimes. Is that any reason a father of six should die? They treated him like an animal” (Free audio).

On the other hand, Savage said he was in favor of the so-called “militarization of the police” that some say lead to incidents like that one.

“Obama also said he was worried about how much military equipment is being handed down to the nation’s police forces,” Savage noted. “Now let’s say your husband or your father is a policeman who is working in a community where the gang bangers have AK-47s and other assault weapons. What are they supposed to do? Go out on patrol naked?” (Free audio).

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