Stephen P. Fuller
January 25, 2010

Beyond the fear mongering main-stream media, asinine rivalries amongst Americans and rants of Russian analysts lays a serious and potentially deadly conflict on the horizon. This future, and imminent, conflict may or may not shatter our bodies but could certainly decimate the soul and body of our nation.

Most Americans see themselves as independent voters or free thinkers.

Not long ago Igor Panarin, a Russian scholar and analyst, predicted that 2010 would see the disjunction of the United States into six super-states. Russia and China would be the most favored nations to lead the new world order through its birthing pangs and US hegemony would serve to a lesser effect in the remnants of the old Anglo-American empire. And while “normalists” screamed “belligerence!” at his predictions, they gave credence to his credentials, and something real was stewing in the chat-rooms, vlogs and town halls of America.

The idealistic young president was no longer to be heard spouting rhetoric designed to inspire, he needed to now be seen making a difference in our Nation and yet he was not. While Wall Street began its hoarders rebound, unemployment grew, in fact, soared well beyond the promised stopping points, bank bailouts were legislated, the Patriot Act renewed, young men marched off to Iraq and Afghanistan, bombs dropped in the sovereign nation of Pakistan, Americans became paralyzed from government propagandized Swine-flu shots, and health-care legislation was crammed down the, as listed, choking throat of the American populace and Igor Panarin slyly grinned. In fact he is probably elated, euphoric over the notion that Americans will prove him right simply because they have yet to grasp that it is themselves who will destroy their own nation with the most simple of Machiavellian tactics, divide and conquer.


We are not a nation of conservatives and liberals; we are a nation of constitutionally free human beings. The only ideas that we can agree upon stem from this one equality we give power to through our consent, equal protection under a rule of law. It is through this ratiocination that Republicans and Democrats proposition that they represent what is the best of the American way of life. “Join us!”, they say, “we believe in liberty, free markets, equality and a safer America!”, and you all know what they mean; liberty means you pay taxes and we don’t, liberty means say nothing of our corruption and we’ll hand you a conviction on middle management every-so-often, free market means freely open for upper echelon corruption and consolidation, equality means that you must be labeled, tracked and “secured” a place in our vision of society, safe means you are a terrorist until proven innocent, and safe means you must support the wars or “shut up”.

However, Igor is dead wrong about America and Americans. He is wrong because we do realize that the left-right paradigm is destroying our Nation. Our problem is that we, collectively, don’t know how to turn over 100 years of political in-fighting from the Democratic-Republican Party (founded by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison) into a second party system.

Most Americans see themselves as independent voters or free thinkers. And as a result, rattlebrained sycophants like Glenn Beck pray on the populace as they are being forced to wake from the Democratic-Republican illusion. Men like him only intend to represent a new movement in politics while heartbreakingly submersing their audience into a Jabba the Hut carbonite-encased ideological super trap. If my fellow Americans do not shatter the political world in 2010 by electing a truly new second party into the spotlight, there may be little hope for the long term future of our Republic.

So it is left to you. You have 10 months left until an election that could seal the fate for the story of America. 10 months to collect into your Campaign for Liberty, street action, We Are Change, truth movement, patriot movement, whatever group of like minded individuals you can muddle together to place in office a truly new breed of politician. Live out our destiny now by becoming the only politician you can trust. Will it be a destiny fueled by the uncompromised juggernaut of liberty or one where Igor Panarin’s vision of a dysfunctional America teeters on the edge of history with only a disaster between freedom and tyranny? That is, immeasurably, your choice.

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