Heavy Fed
February 18, 2008

Just a few weeks ago, I was part of a huge conspiracy of anti-racist activists – activists who, online and in public, were bent on the destruction of the Ron Paul Campaign. We used our websites and our online influence to spread outright false and misleading information. We began this online influence at least six months prior to the release of the Ron Paul Newsletters. We knew they were going to be released.

I was originally a Ron Paul supporter. I was stunned when I heard from other Anti-Racism advocates that Ron Paul had released such Newsletters. I was never shown actual newsletters, only told that they would soon be released. I trusted in my fellow activists. I had been working with most of them for several years; they had never steered me wrong before. Then right before the primaries, the Newsletters were released. Did you get that?

Right before the primaries the newsletters were released!

I felt used. Obviously the newsletters were old news, and an orchestrated release of information, in which I was but a cog in the wheel of the Establishment – an Establishment bent on the destruction of the man, bent on THEIR destruction!

Do not believe their lies. This man, Dr. Ron Paul, is NOT a racist.

I KNOW racists. I’ve lived amongst racists. I fight racism DAILY.

If a man is so publicly racist as to release newsletters so vehemently racist in their content, then he is racist in other ways publicly as well.

If anyone can come up with video or acceptable audio proof of Ron Paul making racist statements, like the ones found in those newsletters, I will auction everything I own on Ebay and give the proceeds to the candidate of their choice. That’s got to be at least $20,000-$100,000 worth of stuff, depending on how the auction goes; maybe more.

I believe Ron Paul. I believe that even though those newsletters were released in his name, he did not author them. I have looked through that mans entire life. I can say indeed, he is no racist.

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