Cliven Bundy has recently been arrested and indicted for the standoff at the Bundy Ranch two years ago, falsely accused of brandishing weapons at the standoff when he was not even present. InfoWars journalists who reported live from Bunkerville during the standoff and for several days leading up to it, never witnessed Cliven Bundy carrying arms.

Yet the federal criminal complaint accuses Cliven of using “a dangerous and deadly weapon to forcibly assault, resist, oppose, impede, intimidate, and interfere with federal law enforcement officers” while “guarding and protecting government personnel and equipment located at the Impoundment Site at or near Bunkerville, Nevada”.

As someone who was there, witnessing, broadcasting and recording, I can say with certainty that Cliven did NOT “use and carry firearms, which were brandished, during and in relation to a crime of violence”.

Fortunately, there was no violence on either side; on the contrary, it was the federal agents who threatened violence on loudspeakers and who raised and pointed guns at the protestors and journalists at the standoff. I saw no one in the crowd of protestors raise or point weapons. After the fact a single picture surfaced of a single individual on the bridge overhead aiming and pointing a rifle. If other individuals had done so, you can believe the mainstream media would have pictures and would have shown them. What I witnessed, broadcasted and reported was a crowd that was mostly unarmed. Those I saw who carried arms had them holstered or slung.

Now an emboldened federal government is casting the net even wider in their pushback against the new Sagebrush Rebellion. An Oregon sheriff, Glenn Palmer, has just been accused of being a “security leak,” and the state of Oregon has asked the Oregon Department of Justice to investigate the sheriff in order to revoke his police certification, effectively removing him from office.

As Sheriff Mack of CSPOA said in the interview above, Sheriff Palmer’s actions were no different than those of Sheriff Ward of Harney County where the refuge occupation took place and no different than those of the FBI, all of whom met the occupiers and allowed them to travel freely.

The difference between the other sheriff, federal agents, and Sheriff Palmer is not a difference of actions, but a difference of opinion. Sheriff Palmer has sympathy for the people of his county who elected him and whose livelihoods are being destroyed by overbearing federal mismanagement. Palmer has said an injustice was done to the Hammond family, sentenced for a backfire that briefly got out of control and burned a tiny amount of land on which they had grazing rights. But even the judge who initially gave the Hammonds a sentence of a couple of months, said it would offend his conscience to sentence them to the mandatory minimum of 5 years and refused to do so. The federal prosecutor appealed and has now jailed the ranchers for five years. Sheriff Palmer agreed with the judge and with the majority of the community, that the sentence was draconian.

In the past, Sheriff Palmer has openly proclaimed that he would not enforce any executive orders from Obama on gun control and he has deputized members of the community to work on a natural resources plan that would enable the community to survive. Sheriff Mack points out that Sheriff Palmer was one of the first sheriffs in the country to join the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association ( and CSPOA is working to support Palmer.

The state government’s action, labeling the sheriff a “security leak,” is absurd on its face, especially when contrasted with Hillary Clinton not being charged for massive security breaches and what could be considered “leaks” of top secret information.

But the sheriff’s persecution serves as another example of the federal government’s desire to label all dissent as terrorism.

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