Infowars is on the scene in Spokane, Wa. where a protest is planned for Saturday December 20, 2014 at the Spokane County Police Department over comments that one of their officers made stating that the reason the police have MRAP’s is for “Constitutionalists.”

The “Spokane Valley MRAP Protest” Facebook page states:

“Members of the community, military and law enforcement are encouraged to join all of us who believe in our Constitution and Constitutional Rights in a demonstration against militarization of law enforcement. A Christmas tree will be erected where members of the community may leave a wish list for an arms-length and impartial Citizen’s use-of-force Review Committee, and in requesting the Sheriff to immediately return the military vehicle back to its appropriate owner.”

Stay tuned to for up to the minute breaking news as patriotic Americans shine a light on the expanding police state.

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