Code Pink is known for theatrical leftish antics and its protest against the war criminal and high priest of globalism Henry Kissinger was no exception.

The clownish demonstration occurred on Thursday during the opening of a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on national security and “global challenges.”

Thousands of innocents died in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, East Timor, Chile and Cyprus as a result of decisions made by Kissinger and the global elite.

Kissinger, however, will never stand trial for any of these crimes and will be heralded as a preeminent elder statesman, a cherished noble prize winner who will continue to be held above reproach.

Fox News, a trusted government propaganda source, asked how such threatening creatures managed to get anywhere near the Rockefeller minion Kissinger:

The incident also raised immediate questions about how the demonstrators could get within inches of Kissinger with no apparent interference.

US Capitol Police spokeswoman  Kim Schneider said later the force did not “meet the standards expected of the USCP” during the disruption.

Code Pink was allowed to crowd Kissinger because they do not actually pose a threat to him or anybody else.

Code Pink lefties are actors in a play designed to make opposition to the global elite look absurd and disruptive, to portray it as the work of “low-life scum,” as Senate fixture John McCain declared.

Code Pink is part of a domesticated menagerie of controlled opposition players. It is on the payroll of Winston Foundation, an organization linked to the National Endowment for Democracy, a documented CIA front, and connected as well to the Rockefeller Family Fund, the Carnegie Corporation, the Heinz Family Foundation, and the Soros Foundations. In 2003, Code Pink shared office space with the Institute for Policy Studies, an organization taking money from the Turner, Ford, MacArthur and Charles Stewart Mott foundations. The Ford Foundation is notorious for funding liberal organizations. It is connected to the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the CIA (see Alternative Media Censorship: Sponsored by CIA’s Ford Foundation?).

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