Aaron Dykes
October 27, 2010

While the controlled media has been busy dirtying Rand Paul’s name in the lead up to the midterm elections, news of a real scandal has gone viral concerning his opponent Jack Conway in the Kentucky Senate race. Now, the term “Conway cover up” has reached #1 on Google’s hot trends, replacing the previous #1 search term, ‘9/11 cover-up,’ both of which were initiated during today’s broadcast of the Alex Jones Show. Perhaps this victory in the Infowar will force even the MSM lackeys to cover an admitted scandal concerning the cover-up of a drug investigation into Matt Conway, former prosecutor and brother of the candidate who is currently the Attorney General in Kentucky.

According to an expose in the Louisville Courier-Journal (who, by the way, didn’t politicize the event, leaving the Conways’ names out of the headline and leading paragraph), sitting Attorney General and Senate-hopeful Jack Conway was involved in warning Matt Conway, his brother and then a county prosecutor, that he was about to be raided in a drug investigation. Though no charges have been filed to date, Matt Conway was reportedly tipped off TWICE prior to investigations during a period of two years by Louisville narcotics detectives. And, there is reason to believe Jack Conway initiated the tip-off. Fox News, who has reported on the story, noted that “Matthew Conway was interviewed about the warning. He lied under oath, but then later came clean.”

Whatever the full story in the matter, and whether or not there is any evidence relating to the suspicions of drug involvement, this is a clear cover-up by Conway, and secondarily by the media who have ignored this substantial issue for eight months while attacking Rand Paul endlessly over petty accusations, such as those concerning the ‘Aqua Buddha’, which was at worst a frat party stunt in college grossly exaggerated and distorted in the media.

Rand Paul, who, like all of us, isn’t perfect, has proved to be an honorable candidate who supports sound money, ending the Fed and returning to the Constitution. Yet, he has been smeared and consistently portrayed as everything from a racist, to a phony and someone ‘trying to push drugs on children’– all without true cause. He was first attacked by the Karl Rove & Dick Cheney political machine in the primaries, then attacked by the George Soros-media and Obama/Democrat faction during the main race.

By contrast, the big sins and corruption of Jack Conway have been ignored, and it may cost the 2010 Kentucky seat during America’s worst financial crisis. The “Conway cover up” scandal encompasses real criminal activity and the very essence of the dark side of establishment power. In the deeply-entrenched establishment, we know cover-up and corruption is the standard operating procedure. That’s why it’s so important to get the Rand Paul-type candidates into office.

History shows that the sins of the establishment ranges from money laundering, to access and visas for drug dealers to direct involvement in drug cultivation, importation and especially political protection. Testimonial accounts have emerged concerning the CIA in Vietnam and Laos, the CIA’s Iran-Contra drug & weapons scandal, the Air America drug operation, the BCCI banking scandal, the investigation by the now-deceased journalist Gary Webb (an offshoot of Iran-Contra), the involvement of U.S. Soldiers in opium cultivation in Afghanistan, the Karzai-heroin connection and much, much more. It is equally important, therefore, to inject candidates like Rand Paul who will oppose the kind of foreign policy that allows this brand of corruption to become epidemic.

As Fox News also noted, “The issue of illegal drugs in Eastern Kentucky has been a mainstay of Jack Conway’s issues in the election, and one he’s criticized Paul about on several occasions, as recently as this week.”

Why would Jack Conway cover-up a drug investigation into his brother, and protect him from charges? Whatever is going on in the Matt Conway-Jack Conway “cover-up”, it is a far graver issue than anything that has been alleged against Rand Paul. It is essential that voters understand the complexity and importance of this issue, and that this information get out to everyone so the media is forced to make it an issue BEFORE the election.

Constitutional supporters like the Daily Paul and brave Infowarriors everywhere helped get this issue out. Making it #1 on Google Trends is a major success in the attempt to make sure those voices are heard. Thank you, readers, for your assistance.

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