Kurt Nimmo
October 27, 2010

Forget the corporate media dust-up over a Rand Paul supporter attacking a MoveOn.org activist. That incident pales in comparison to a story about the brother of Paul’s opponent in the race for Kentucky’s Senate seat, Jack Conway.

Jack Conway and his supporters are involved in a cover-up and an attempt to obstruct justice, but this does not seem to be on the corporate media’s radar screen.

On Saturday, the Louisville Courier-Journal published a story about Conway’s brother, Matthew, who resigned from the Jefferson County, Kentucky, attorney’s office to enter private practice after he was tipped off by Louisville narcotics detectives twice in the past two years that he was under investigation for possible drug use or trafficking. Matthew C. Conway was an assistant commonwealth’s attorney, a position he still holds, when detectives tipped him off on a second drug-related investigation.

In a clear case of preferential treatment and a cover-up to protect Jack Conway, the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office decided in August that no charges would be filed against Matthew Conway or the narcotics detectives involved in tipping him off.

In addition, Jack Conway became involved in criminal behavior. According to R. G. Dunlap of the Louisville Courier-Journal, the Conway brothers conferred with an attorney about the investigation. “The lawyer, Bart Adams of Louisville, then met with Police Chief Robert White to discuss [narcotics detective] Carthan’s conduct, according to the records,” writes Dunlap.

Commonwealth’s Attorney David Stengel told the newspaper that he had reviewed all of the evidence gathered by police and was convinced that Conway was neither a drug user nor trafficker. Stengel told the newspaper that he concluded that Conway had done nothing wrong except to make a “well-intended but boneheaded statement” when he denied to police that he had been tipped off by narcotics detectives. Stengel said he decided not to discipline Conway for lying because “he went back and corrected that immediately,” in other words he was allowed to change his story.

Stengel accepted Conway’s “corrected account four days later, and after another witness advised him that he had told investigators a different story.”

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Stengel is hardly a neutral party. In fact, he is a Jack Conway supporter. “According to Fec.gov, Mr. David Stengel has donated $500 to Jack Conway’s campaign in the past,” writes CapitalistBanner.com. “Do we really want a former Jack Conway donor overlooking this?” Or more pt the point, engaging in a cover-up as Jack Conway attempts to beat Rand Paul and become the next senator from Kentucky.

Louisville attorney Scott Roby is also as Conway supporter. Roby told Matthew Conway that the cops were investigating him for either drug use or trafficking, thus allowing him to avoid a police raid. LMPD Detective Scott Wilson had told Roby about the investigation. Conway and Wilson both attended St. Xavier High School at about the same time and are longtime acquaintances, according to the newspaper.

Scott Roby donated $1250 to the Conway campaign.

But it gets worse. It turns out that a Jack Conway supporter, businessman Charles Alexander, was the man who overheard cops talking about the Matthew Conway case in a downtown Louisville restaurant. The narcotics detectives described Matthew Conway as “dirty” (corrupt).  Alexander called Jack Conway and informed him of the overheard conversation.

“According to Fec.gov, Charles Alexander is a $2400 donor to Jack Conway and a $4600 donor to Barack Obama, so there is little doubt Mr. Alexander was concerned about the troubling allegations,” notes CapitalistBanner.com.

Jack Conway and his supporters are involved in a cover-up and an attempt to obstruct justice, but this does not seem to be on the corporate media’s radar screen. Instead, we are harangued with absurd stories about Rand Paul, Aqua Buddha, and a fraternity prank invented by an anonymous woman.

Jack Conway is involved in a brazen attempt to cover-up a police investigation of his brother. Supporters of his political campaign facilitated obscuration of justice. Is this the sort of man the people of Kentucky want representing them in Washington?

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In the name of objective journalism and fairness, the corporate media needs to cover this story immediately instead of inventing new ways to tear down the Rand Paul campaign.

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