Paul Joseph Watson
October 27, 2010

Conway Fails To Condemn Brutal Attack On Rand Paul Activist 271010top

Two days after a Jack Conway supporter viciously stomped on an injured female Rand Paul activist and Conway has still failed to condemn the incident, while the establishment media has almost universally failed to even report on it, proving that their refusal to admit that there were two identical “stomping” incidents on the same night is part of the national smear campaign against Rand Paul.

Are we to assume that through his failure to condemn the incident that the media dares not mention, unlike Rand Paul, who has twice condemned the assault on MoveOn activist Lauren Valle, Jack Conway implicitly supports his voters physically assaulting Rand Paul activists?

As we highlighted yesterday, a Jack Conway supporter viciously attacked an injured female Rand Paul activist before the Valle incident, but the mass media, along with the Soros-funded borg progressive blogs, have conspired to cover up the first incident and instead hyperventilate over the assault on Valle.

“We are still waiting for Rand Paul to apologize to the victim of this attack,” said Conway. “A boot stomp to the head of a woman is never appropriate, Rand should apologize to her, stop blaming others, and identify the others involved in this thuggish behavior and disassociate his campaign from them immediately.”

But Jack, when are you going to apologize to the already-incapacitated Rand Paul activist who had her injured foot sliced open by a stomp from one of your supporters? When are you going to identify the individual involved in this thuggish behavior and disassociate your campaign from them?

The Kentucky Post reported that prior to the Valle incident, a female Rand Paul activist who had recently had surgery on her bandaged foot was attacked by a Conway supporter who stomped on her, slicing her injured foot open. The woman is not named, but the report states that she did file an assault report with the police.

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Let’s be clear – two wrongs don’t make a right – both men involved in the two separate stomping incidents should be criminally charged – but why has the establishment press refused to even mention the fact that a Rand Paul activist was also assaulted by a Conway supporter on the same evening?

Think Progress and Media Matters, the two organizations controlled by a group dedicated to “driving the White House’s message and agenda,” have both covered-up the fact that a female Rand Paul supporter was assaulted by a Conway activist.

Think Progress notes with glee that the man who stomped on Valle, Tim Profitt, was a volunteer campaign coordinator for Paul and had donated to his campaign, but asks no questions about whether or not the individual who assaulted the Rand Paul activist was working directly for Jack Conway.

In its coverage of the controversy, Media Matters makes no mention of the assault carried out by the Conway supporter, and instead characterizes the Valle incident as “the latest in (a) string of violence and threats against progressives,” before proceeding to list a number of nebulous threats while conveniently failing to mention how Tea Party activists like Kenneth Gladney, Nathan Tabor, and Dave Caulkett have been physically and brutally attacked by so-called “progressives” on numerous occasions merely for exercising their free speech.

Once again, the Media Matters article does not list its author, which is presumably because the anonymous coward who wrote it is merely regurgitating the consensus propaganda they were told to spew by John Podesta, George Soros, and the rest of the editorial board, whose stated agenda is focused around “promoting the policies of Barack Obama.”

Similarly, the establishment media has also blacklisted the attack on the Rand Paul activist in pursuit of the effort to demonize the Rand Paul campaign as nothing more than a beacon for thugs and brownshirts.

The Los Angeles Times failed completely to mention the assault by the Conway supporter.

The Washington Post failed completely to mention the assault by the Conway supporter.

The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd failed completely to mention the assault by the Conway supporter.

The New York Daily News failed completely to mention the assault by the Conway supporter.

The Associated Press failed completely to mention the assault by the Conway supporter.

Why have we heard every single detail imaginable about Tim Profitt, including leftists posting his home address and phone number presumably in the hope that others will seek physical retribution, while we don’t even know the name of either the victim or the Conway thug who attacked the female Rand Paul activist?

The double standard on this issue exemplifies how the establishment has intensely engaged in a witch hunt against Rand Paul, contriving smear after smear and even, in the case of the farcical “Aqua Buddah” non-story, repeating claims against Paul that have already been proven to be false.

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We’re calling on Jack Conway to issue a condemnation of the assault on the injured female Rand Paul activist by his supporter. If our request is met with silence, we can only assume that attacking women in pursuit of a political cause is only reprehensible when it’s done by conservatives. Presumably, so long as you call yourself a “progressive” and support a Democratic candidate, assaulting injured women is perfectly acceptable conduct.

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show. Watson has been interviewed by many publications and radio shows, including Vanity Fair and Coast to Coast AM, America’s most listened to late night talk show.

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