Officer left dog “yelping and thrashing in unbearable pain,” according to owner
April 24, 2014

A Rains Co., Texas deputy sheriff recently responded to a burglary by reportedly killing the victim’s dog.

The owner of the dog, Cole Middleton, called police after realizing that someone broke into his home and stole several valuable items including firearms.

Two-and-a-half hours later, a deputy sheriff arrived at Middleton’s residence and shot his blue heeler Candy from behind, according to Middleton.

“Candy was brutally murdered in her own yard by Rains Co. Officer Jerred Dooley after her owners had been robbed,” he said to LiveLeak. “Her only crime was barking.”

Middleton added that after the officer told him “I shot your dog, sorry,” he retreated to his police car and called for back-up while warning Middleton not to approach the vehicle.

“He leaves my dog in my yard yelping and thrashing in unbearable pain,” Middleton stated. “I begged him to shoot her again since my weapons were stolen and he refused.”

“I then had to do the otherwise unthinkable and take my poor baby’s life with my own hands while praying for this to be over with.”

A few minutes later several additional officers arrived at the residence, including a state trooper and a City of Emory police officer.

“The city policeman exclaimed to my father and I to back up and step back as we are trying to explain what devastation had just happened,” Middleton said. “[Wood Co. state trooper] Hayes had his taser pulled and hand on his pistol.”

Middleton then starting filming the encounter to protect himself and his father.

“After informing the officers I had a camera and was going to film, for my own sake, Hayes begins to mock me and wave at my camera,” Middleton stated. “He then unprofessionally says ‘Hi mom! Hi Channel 8! How you doing?'”

Only after Middleton explained that it was his house that was broken into and that it was his blue heeler that was shot did the mocking stop.

“When we call on peace officers for their help and assistance we expect them to serve and protect us, especially if we are the victims,” he said. “In this instance ‘service and protection’ became an invasion and an attack that led to a life altering experience that will regrettably never be forgotten and cost my family a very precious and valuable member.”

And unfortunately dog shootings by police are becoming a disgusting trend as cops become more militarized and violent in America.

Just last month an Oklahoma cop shot and killed a family’s dog and then joked about it to a responding animal control unit.

“Did you see her collar fly off when I shot her? That was awesome,” he reportedly said.

And in February, an Idaho police officer shot and killed a family’s service dog outside a nine-year-old’s birthday party.

“I just shot your dog because it tried to bite me!” the officer told the family after disrupting the party. “I come here for a f***ing call and it tried to bite me!”

These shootings have become so frequent in the past year alone that to document all of them would be a news article in itself.

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