Elton Bandoo told police he was startled awake by a loud bang and screams from his mother that the family was being robbed in their North Miami Beach home.

Seconds later, Bandoo grabbed his .40-caliber handgun and fired, wounding North Miami Beach police officer Lino Diaz. Bandoo told police the split-second decision that will forever change his life was made out of fear to protect his family.

Bandoo said he was sleeping when he suddenly “heard a lot of noise, then heard his mother screaming ‘I think we’re getting robbed. I think we’re getting robbed,’ ” according to his arrest affidavit.

Police say they launched a flash grenade into the home, but only after “announcing in a loud and clear voice” that they were there to serve a federal search warrant. Police said they wore clearly marked Special Response Team outfits and that the armored vehicle out front was marked with police decals on both sides.

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