January 20, 2014

Police dash-cams typically bear witness to some of the most heinous treatment of our fellow humans, but footage from the dash-cam of one Texas officer appears to turn that theory on its head.

Shocking footage has emerged of a Rosenberg police officer stopping to interact with a child.

In the video, an observably lonely boy is seen tossing up a football, seemingly waiting for a companion. But what Sgt. Ariel Soltura does next is what makes this viral video so fascinating.

In an inspiring act of compassion, Sgt. Soltura stops his vehicle, steps out, then proceeds to toss the football back and forth with the boy.

“And I saw he was throwing up a football, and I could tell he was playing by himself,” Soltura told KTRK. “He didn’t have anybody to play with. He wasn’t just waiting for more kids to arrive.”

The officer plays with the boy for about two minutes before getting on with his day.

“I literally got out of the car. I did like this, which is the universal sign of ‘throw me the football,’ and at that time you just saw his face lit up, and he was ready to play,” Soltura said. “At that time, he and I both connected. We began to throw the football. You can see that I’m obviously trying to get him to go along, and so we’re just playing a game of catch, and it was awesome.”

In a world where there is certainly no shortage of bad cop publicity, we don’t need to tell our readers how refreshing it is to see that not all cops live to beat 4-year-olds, jaywalkers, or homeless people.

And it’s positively a breath of fresh air to remember that not all cops want to violate our civil liberties, squelch the First or Second Amendments, or shoot mentally ill people without provocation.

Much like a soul that has been corrupted by an evil spirit, there is still an inkling of humanity residing within many of our public servants, it just sometimes takes the right moment to bring it out.

Ironically enough, Sgt. Soltura, while acting outside of his normal job duties, is lucky he didn’t get reprimanded. In 2011, four NYPD officers were punished for tossing a football with a young boy in a Bronx housing complex.

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