Quinn Cunningham has 23 years of law enforcement experience including 17 years with the Colorado SWAT team, in which he is currently a team leader. He was one of the first responders to a deadly 2013 shooting at Arapahoe High School near Denver. Since 2015, he has been actively training teachers to carry inside their schools.

During the most recent three-day FASTER Colorado training course for teachers, where Cunningham was one of four active-duty law enforcement officer instructors, he shared his experience and worldview with the Washington Free Beacon.

Cunningham’s story began just before 12:33 p.m. on Dec. 13, 2013, when an 18-year-old student entered Arapahoe High School with a pump-action shotgun and a bag full of Molotov cocktails. As he opened fire, the call for help went out to local law enforcement. Cunningham had recently been injured in a fall and was assigned to desk duty but geared up and responded anyway.

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