Genevieve Moore
November 30, 2009

From scrapped cars to bloated NGOs, funded by those who aim to profit from carbon, one need only look to the European Union and the UK to see what’s planned for America. It’s no surprise that the US government, and associated institutions, plan to support “low carbon” strategies for a new world. It takes only a few clicks of the mouse to discover the tentacle-like, death hold the green revolutionaries possess throughout the USA and the world.

While American consumers were gladly handing over their “clunkers”, so too, was Canada, the UK, South Africa, Germany, France, Italy and now China.

A myriad of tentacles have been developed which appear to be innocuous non-profits like Transition US, Post Carbon Institute, Carbon Trust, or the Chicago Climate Exchange. Examples of relevant government entities include the US Bureau of Economic Geology, the United Nations Environment Programme, the Global Environment Facility and the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel, along with their board members’ dubious affiliations. Let’s not forget the universities who receive research dollars from power hungry, carbon over-lords to develop foundational, and intricately designed systems-modeling data in order to validate the next level of global control, while mystifying most of us with complicated jargon and mathematics.

It’s interesting to note that while American consumers were gladly handing over their “clunkers”, so too, was Canada, the UK, South Africa, Germany, France, Italy and now China is announcing a similar move. Proponents of this scheme say it will boost sluggish auto sales. So, is this about climate change, or another back door bailout?

Look a little deeper, however, and we find that scrappage schemes really don’t work to reduce much of anything. In fact, the United Kingdom Energy Research Centre (UKERC) published findings in June of 2009 specifically addressing vehicle scrappage programs. For clarity’s sake the UKERC is a government appointed consortium of academia from 15, UK academic institutions. In their research and data study they find that vehicle scrappage does nothing to reduce carbon emissions; has little impact on sustaining vehicle efficiency and may actually have the reverse impact by increasing miles driven because people now have new cars. See their findings at this web location:


Yet despite the UK’s own scientific information, the scrappage program which began April 22, 2009, was extended on September 28, 2009: The Government today announced a £100M increase to the vehicle scrappage scheme to build on the success of the scheme in boosting consumer demand.

If these programs are found to be questionable, especially without the acquisition of real data, then this futile exercise begs the question: What is this about? The author will hypothesize that this particular program and the implementation thereof, is a piloted demonstration of governments acting as one, single, global entity.

Scrapping vehicles is a hyped sell to consumers to accomplish several things: create a precedent for a united, carbon-guised, global effort; line the pockets of the automakers, shareholders and data makers; bolster the image of environmental concern, securing a healthy, well-indoctrinated voting block. Perhaps most importantly, to set a “carbon budget precedent” as a local and individual control mechanism.

What does this have to do with Copenhagen? Since our president has already demonstrated his willingness to align himself with the UK, and ultimately the EU/UN by ushering in his “cash for clunkers” program, let’s look at other items on his agenda. This from ABC’s Z. Byron Wolf: “While not originally expected to attend the event, Mr. Obama will take the opportunity in an international venue to lay out his road map to achieving the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emission 83 percent by 2050, with benchmarks of achieving a 30 percent reduction from 2005 emission levels in 2025 and a 42 percent reduction off those levels by 2030, according to officials and a memo released by the White House”.

This same article quotes, “Sen. Barbara Boxer’s Environment and Public Works committee passed a more ambitious bill that would seek to cut emissions 20 percent by 2020. The White House seems to endorse the more modest House approach by saying the President will announce reducing emissions “in the range of 17% below 2005 levels.

Interestingly, our government proposals are taken directly from, “UK’s National Strategy for Climate and Energy: Transition to a Low Carbon Society”. This document specifically states, “The UK is calling for an ambitious global agreement at UN talks in Copenhagen in December 2009″. The plans shared in this document include: To drive this transition the government has put in place the world’s first ever legally binding target to cut emissions at least 80% by the year 2050 and a set of 5 year carbon budgets to 2022 to keep the UK on track”.

What else should we be expecting in America? How about Smart Meters, Personal Carbon Allowances, and other quite shocking programs designed to thwart our freedoms. The real business of carbon regulation is a matter of global sychronicity while controlling our mobility and freedom without actually have to expose themselves to challenge, or debate. After all, the science has been purchased, as have the politicians and the corporations.

Confoundedly, proponents of programs and policies geared toward carbon budgeting are presented as good stewards of this planet and they may even believe they are. The disarming aspect of “carbon-nation” is that no one seems to notice the evolution of this slow, seemingly painless, asphyxiation which the carbon paradigm presents to our sovereignty as a nation.

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