Eleven dead babies were found inside a funeral home’s ceiling, Detroit officials say.

Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) said it found tiny bodies inside a cardboard box and a small casket hidden inside the ceiling of Cantrell Funeral Home on Detroit’s east side after receiving an anonymous tip.

“We will use the evidence gathered today to add to our open investigation and will continue to work with local law enforcement as this case proceeds,” said spokesperson Jason Moon.

The state had previously shut down the funeral home in April after officials said they found “deplorable, unsanitary conditions,” including decomposing bodies covered in mold.

The state’s inspector was first denied entry into the home, but once he got in he found “unclean and unsanitary embalming room, with peeling and chipping paint, water stained walls, dirty floors, and stained protective gear,” according to the state.

One body in particular was found “with unknown fluids in the facial area,” they said.

“LARA also discovered several business violations, including operating with an expired prepaid funeral and cemetery sales registration,” the media added. “They determined the funeral home participated in gross negligence, deceit, fraud, incompetence, and dishonesty in the practice of mortuary science.”

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