Kurt Nimmo
March 20, 2008

Admittedly, the video here is not of great quality and the person shooting did not have a steady hand, but you get the general idea: the San Francisco cops didn’t take kindly to people gathering in opposition to the neocon “war” in Iraq — more accurately described as invasion, mass murder, and occupation. It is difficult to tell what happened precisely, but toward the end of this video a cop jabs his baton in the stomach of a woman while other likewise disposed cops begin rushing the crowd, grabbing people. All and all, with the exception of a few people apparently sitting in the street, the crowd seems rather non-threatening, passively milling about, not ready to throw rocks and Molotov cocktails or engage in other “anarchist” — read: agents provocateur — behavior.

Of course, the corporate media did its level best to marginalize people actually motivated enough to go out in the street. “More than 200 people were arrested across the United States on Wednesday as protesters marking the fifth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq obstructed downtown traffic and tried to block access to government offices,” reports Reuters. “In San Francisco, long a centre of anti-Iraq war sentiment, police arrested more than 100 people who protested through the day along Market Street in the central business district, a spokesman said.” It was said these activists had blocked traffic, although the woman on the receiving end of the cop’s baton in the video was on the sidewalk and not blocking anything, although she may have said something discourteous to the cop. Ditto the folks on the sidewalk. None of this was mentioned by the corporate media, of course, because they were too preoccupied “reporting” that the “droves of protesters common earlier in the war didn’t turn out,” probably because they realize protesting is more or less futile, especially with a war crimes complicit corporate media.

It is a sorry state of affair when the only viable antiwar candidate, Ron Paul, gets a scant 6 percent of the vote — due to voter fraud and the corporate media generally refusing to cover his campaign — while unabashed warmongers are expected — excuse me, arranged — to win the Oval Office. It seems to strike few as sincerely surrealistic and demented that one of this hand-picked crop, John McCain, wants murder and mayhem for a hundred years and is obviously insane, unable to discern crucial religious differences between the people he wants to kill with depleted uranium. Meanwhile, Hillary and Obama hardly mention the “war” at all, too busy going tit-for-tat at each other over complete and utter irrelevancies while the corporate media churns over and over the same story about a racist preacher ad nauseam.

Come November and the ascension of Hillary-Obama contra Obama-Hillary, one wonders if anybody will bother to protest at all or in such paltry and insignificant numbers that the corporate media will not even bother mentioning it. Of course, a lot of blissed-out Dems, mesmerized by the trilateralist candidate Obama, will claim the war is over, if you want.

In fact, for all practical purposes, the “war” is over, as the corporate media does not report on it much anymore. “This week marks the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq, but you wouldn’t know it from what you see on TV,” writes Paul Rieckhoff. “With all the scandal-mongering coverage of the Democratic primary, the media’s been too busy to spend much time talking about the two wars we’re still fighting. In fact, just 3% of the news in February was dedicated to the war. That’s down from 15% of news coverage last July.”

Rieckhoff wants Americans to sign an open letter demanding “the major networks increase their coverage of the Iraq war.”

Good luck. Not when Secret Talents of the Stars is about to debut.

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