Leo Standora
New York Daily News
May 31, 2008

Three Westchester County cops allegedly forced a 15-year-old girl to watch a raunchy sex video she was in while they cracked jokes, threatened her and manhandled her, according to documents posted on a Web site.

Now the cops are starring in a lawsuit brought by the teen, who is identified as Jane Doe. The federal suit, filed last week, says the video shows the girl engaging in sex, according to documents obtained by thesmokinggun.com.

Cops found the video May 17, 2007, in the home of her boyfriend, Joseph Porto, who had been arrested earlier for possession and sale of pot. The girl was in the house when the Harrison cops came looking for more weed and a gun they thought Porto had hidden.

The suit alleges Capt. Anthony Marraccini, Sgt. Edward Lucas and Detective Richard Light watched the tape in front of the girl “while laughing” and “mockingly” asking her questions about it, thesmokinggun.com revealed.

Marraccini said he and his two co-defendants deny all of the girl’s “outlandish claims.”

But the girl alleges Light told her, “I should beat your a- for this. I hope your parents beat your a-.”

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