Shawn Cohen
December 23, 2009

[efoods]Westchester County police will introduce a new “ghost car” Wednesday that is designed to sneak up on motorists who are talking on hand-held cell phones, text-messaging or driving without seat belts.

The car, a Crown Victoria like other police cars, is white and has no rack or lights on the roof. The county police decal on the side of the vehicle is another shade of white, rather than red and blue, to blend in with other traffic.

“We’re actually calling it ‘the ghost car,’ ” said Capt. Paul A. Stasaitis, commander of the patrol division. “It’s what we call a low-profile unit. It’s kind of a new concept for this area.”

Stasaitis said police had been discussing problems with enforcing bans on cell phones and texting, and seat-belt violations, because drivers see patrol cars coming.

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