March 1, 2008

Anarchist manual, firearms found in motel room with ricin

Recall cops in Canada admitting last year that rock-wielding “black bloc anarchists” at the SPP summit were in fact police agent provocateurs.  

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (CNN) — Officers who found the deadly poison ricin in a Las Vegas, Nevada, extended-stay hotel room also discovered firearms and an “anarchist-type textbook” with an entry about ricin bookmarked, police said Friday.

Two tests had confirmed the substance found was ricin, and that a man who was staying there has been hospitalized for more than two weeks and is in critical condition, police said Friday.

The 57-year-old man, whose name was not released, summoned authorities February 14 and asked to be transported to a hospital because of difficulty breathing, Kathy Suey, deputy chief of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, told reporters.

But police were not aware of the ricin’s existence until Thursday, when a second man, who identified himself as a relative of the victim, went to the Extended Stay America room to clear the victim’s possessions out and found the substance. That man brought the poison, which was in vials in a plastic bag, to the manager’s office, and police were notified.

“He felt it was something that required police attention,” said Las Vegas police Capt. Joe Lombardo. “He brought it to the management and said that ‘I’m not comfortable with whatever this item is.'” Video Watch how ricin can be used to kill »

Lombardo said police first were called to the room on Tuesday after weapons were discovered there. He said officers discovered “general firearms,” which have been impounded, and an “anarchist-type textbook” marked at an entry on ricin.

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