Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cops Resort To Planet of the Apes Style Policing To Let The Scum Public Know Who Their Bosses Are 240610top2

Restaurants and bars are whacked with county health violations if they so much as operate a dysfunctional dishwasher, and yet cops are given free reign to swagger through businesses on horseback in some kind of bizarre display of letting the scum know who their bosses are.

Remember one of the early scenes in the classic movie Planet of the Apes? The apes on horseback ride roughshod over the scurrying humans, whipping them into submission, capturing them in huge nets, and reminding them that they are slaves.

Armed with torture devices known as “Tasers,” all that cops in Tampa Florida are missing is the whip, because apparently they believe that, as Gods and masters of the serfs and not public servants, they have the right to ride on horseback through private businesses in an effort scare the patrons of bars and restaurants into submission.

“Police officers on horseback have become a familiar sight in Tampa’s Ybor City, but recently someone snapped a video clip of one officer walking the beat not around a local business but right through it,” reports

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“Eleven seconds into the video, you can hear a woman scream. Apparently, the owners of a tattoo parlor adjacent to the bar – are worried that with big crowds on weekends someone could get hurt.”

But the scream is the desired response – this is all about the thug cops, who have been trained that Americans are dangerous domestic terrorists, asserting their dominance over the gelded public in a public display of power similar to how a big fat magpie arrogantly struts across a garden to frighten away smaller birds.

This is psychological terrorism on an animalistic level, a way of brainwashing the dumbed-down public into cowering and screaming whenever a God police officer approaches.

The fact that this violates every health and safety code in the book, which is thrown at business owners for petty infractions on a routine basis, is another example of how society is now being divided into a two-tier caste system of masters and servants.

The majority of respondents to the story agreed.

“A “strong presence” huh?” asks one. “Why stop here? Why not brown shirts and swastikas? Jack booted thugs on every corner are a “strong presence” too and we aren’t far away”.

“Nothing says police oppression and disease, more than indoor trotting horses,” adds another.

Watch the clip below.

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