Jeremy Corbyn has demanded that the UK government forcibly seize private property in order to house poor people, a terrifying insight into what his authoritarian Socialist rule could look like.

The Labour leader wasted no time in hijacking the Grenfell Tower tragedy, which could eventually claim dozens of lives, to push his authoritarian lunacy. Some families have been left homeless after a raging inferno gutted the building, which was occupied mostly by people on welfare and migrants.

“Properties must be found, requisitioned if necessary, to make sure those residents do get rehoused locally,” Corbyn told a parliamentary debate.

“It cannot be acceptable that in London you have luxury buildings and flats kept as land banking for the future while the homeless and the poor look for somewhere to live.”

Labour MP Harriet Harman followed up by tweeting, “Loads of empty flats (land banks) in Kensington. @jeremycorbyn right that govt should requisition to rehouse Grenfell survivors.”

The demand is based on the premise that there are countless properties owned by rich foreigners in London that are sitting empty, a claim which is completely false.

A report commissioned by London Mayor Sadiq Khan found that less than 1% of properties are classified as “buy to leave”.

“There is “almost no evidence” that luxury properties in ‘gentrified’ areas are bought up and kept empty,” reports the Guido Fawkes blog.

More importantly, the seizure of private property is a direct violation of the European Convention on Human Rights, which enshrines the protection of private property.

Ironic therefore that Corbyn campaigned against the Conservative government’s attempt to exit from the provisions of the ECHR.

“The victims of the Grenfell disaster can be accommodated without communist-style expropriations, tearing up the rule of law and breaching innate human rights. It is a sign of Corbyn’s contempt for freedom and property that his knee jerk reaction to the tragedy is to resort class war,” comments the Guido blog.

It’s no surprise that Corbyn is such a staunch advocate of government property seizures given his love for the collapsing Socialist dictatorship of Venezuela, which has been stealing private property for well over a decade.

“In the 20 years I’ve been writing about politics, I can’t remember a national tragedy being exploited for party-political gain so quickly,” writes Brendan O’Neill.

“This isn’t politics – this is a culture war, where the horrors experienced by the working classes of North Kensington are used to underpin the binary moralism of a Corbynista worldview of the right as wicked and the left as decent. They are building their political movement on the corpses of the poor, and no amount of radical-sounding lingo can cover up just how cynical, opportunistic and depraved that is.”

This represents a chilling insight into what a Corbyn-led Labour government would look like. Don’t forget that Corbyn also has direct ties to terrorist groups like Hamas, Hezbollah and the IRA.

One wonders if the plethora of UK celebrities who endlessly virtue-signal about the plight of poor people and “refugees” will be offering to house any of the Grenfell Tower homeless. No word so far from ’18 spare bedrooms’ JK Rowling.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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