Some young people are having horrible reactions to the coronavirus, though such cases are reportedly statistically rare.

From Haaretz:

Israel’s healthcare system is preparing for the first case of a coronavirus fatality in the country, as a 38-year-old man from East Jerusalem is in critical condition, breathing on a respirator and in a medically induced coma.

His possible death will put Israel in a different place in the crisis.

Contrary to most cases in the country whose condition was not serious, a fatality, especially of a relatively young person, will be tangible evidence of the medical community’s difficulty in dealing with the virus, even with an advanced medical care system.

There’s no word on whether he had any pre-existing conditions.

There was another case out of Brooklyn where a “healthy” 32-year-old Asian man started experiencing “sudden, rapidly progressing respiratory failure.”

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Bill Pulte spoke with the patient names “James” who said he thinks he has the worse “strain” of coronavirus and claimed he’s not getting appropriate medical care and wants to be transferred to Mount Sinai Hospital where his brother works nearby.

For context, many people, such as the Australian couple below, get the coronavirus and experience little to no symptoms.

Everyone must weigh the risks and plan accordingly.


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