Kurt Nimmo
May 29, 2011

Following a successful rally on the capitol in Austin last week to protest a decision by lawmakers to back down on a bill to stop TSA molestation, apologists for a tyrannical state are coming out of the woodwork in defense of goons sticking their hands down the pants of six year old kids.

One such apologist is Bud Kennedy, who writes for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. According to Kennedy, the protest was all about “showboat” Alex Jones and had nothing to do with perverts in blue latex gloves fondling the breasts of pregnant women.

Kennedy is apparently unable to get his facts straight. He says Jones is a SiriusXM radio talk show host and that is how he raised awareness about this pivotal issue. In fact, Jones made his call to meet at the capitol in downtown Austin over local terrestrial radio, shortwave, micro-radio and the internet, where he dominates in the talk radio arena.

But Kennedy’s inability to report reality is secondary. What’s really disgusting is his support for the state and its pathological insistence it must grab the testicles of children in order to supposedly stop terrorism by a shadowy group with links to intelligence agencies.

For the real deal on the protest last week, see Jones’ report below.

Kennedy’s not alone in challenging critics of the TSA abusers. Gary Scharrer, writing for The Houston Chronicle, also attempted to make reasonable protest against federal tyranny out to be the ravings of crackpots.

Here’s Kennedy’s article, posted on Saturday:

Bud Kennedy
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Crazy session of Texas Legislature just gets crazier

As if there weren’t already enough showboats in the Texas Legislature, the radio talkers landed last week.

First, bizarro satellite radio host Alex Jones led a madcap march on the Capitol. About 100 of Jones’ listeners descended on the Senate, calling senators “cowards” and “federal pimps” for not passing a bill to outlaw close pat-downs at airports.

Tea Party Republicans somehow persuaded this Washington-bashing Legislature to pass a bill essentially making it a misdemeanor for airport security officers to pat anyone’s crotch or shirt.

With the Senate poised to vote, San Antonio-based U.S. Attorney John Murphy warned lawmakers by letter Tuesday that the security agency would “cancel any flight or series of flights” without close searches.

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