Media sources base conclusions on information by CIA’s FSA and terror organizations al-Nusra and al-Qaeda.

Kurt Nimmo
August 21, 2013

Fox News, dominated by the neocon faction of the global elite, has placed the blame for the chemical attack in Syria on the al-Assad regime despite a noticeable lack of evidence. Fox News and other establishment media sources are basing their conclusions on information provided by “Syrian opposition groups,” in other words the CIA’s Free Syrian Army and the terror organizations al-Nusra and al-Qaeda.

The propaganda effort that will likely result in a U.S. and NATO invasion of Syria, with similar deadly after effects witnessed in Libya (30,000 dead), is being led by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the Local Coordination Committees in Syria, and the Syrian National Coalition.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is a one-man operation based in London run by Rami Abdulrahman, an anti-Assad activist. “Clearly for real journalists, Abdulrahman is a useless, utterly compromised source of information who has every reason to twist reality to suit his admittedly politically-motivated agenda of overthrowing the Syrian government,” writes Tony Cartalucci. “However, for a propagandist, he is a goldmine.”

The Local Coordination Committees is a faction of the opposition Syrian National Council, an organization represented at the 2012 Bilderberg meeting by Basma Qadamani. A document released by the Catholic lobby in France describes “the Syrian National Council as the military arm of the CIA” and “the military arm of American intelligence agencies,” according to al-Manar, a Lebanese satellite television station affiliated with Hezbollah.

The Syrian National Coalition is described by French investigative journalist Thierry Meyssan as “America’s new proxy” in Syria. The organization’s former president, Moaz al-Khatib, “is in truth a member of the Muslim Brotherhood,” Meyssan writes. Touted as an expert on international relations and diplomacy, al-Khatib instead “worked for six years for the al-Furat Petroleum Company (1985-91), a joint-venture between the national company and other foreign enterprises, including the Anglo-Dutch Shell, with whom he has maintained contact.”

Obviously, the sources providing information for the corporate media on the chemical attack in Syria, the result now being paraded on American television for its shock value, are far less than objective and are, in fact, at the forefront of a propaganda effort that will ultimately result in U.S. military participation in an attack on Syria and the military of Bashar al-Assad, a disciplined and dedicated military the CIA’s proxies have yet managed to decisively defeat on the battlefield.

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