Kurt Nimmo
July 15, 2008

Pat Tillman
Pat Tillman was against the war and evidence points to the probability he was whacked for this opposition.  

Bush’s brain and former dirty trickster Karl Rove may be on the run, but the House Oversight Committee is digging into his dealings. Most revealing, although hardly surprising, is an account of Rove’s buddy-buddy relationship with Ron Fournier, characterized as an “AP scribe” by Nick Juliano over at Raw Story. In fact, Fournier acted as a script reader for the White House’s communications team, more accurately its propaganda team.

“In its investigation of the misleading accounts that initially surrounded Pat Tillman’s death and Jessica Lynch’s rescue the House Oversight Committee on Monday shed some light on the White House’s press-management apparatus and the chummy relationship between Karl Rove and AP scribe Ron Fournier,” writes Juliano. “The report details the Bush administration’s exploitation of Tillman’s death and suppression of evidence that the former football pro who joined the Army Rangers after 9/11 was killed by friendly fire. In the day’s after Tillman’s death, on April 22, 2004, the committee examined e-mails from the White House’s communications team, including some exchanges with reporters.”

Fournier, Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan, and others coordinated closely with the neocons in order to tell the big lies and create myths.

Karl Rove exchanged e-mails about Pat Tillman with Associated Press reporter Ron Fournier, under the subject line “H-E-R-O.” In response to Mr. Fournier’s e-mail, Mr. Rove asked, “How does our country continue to produce men and women like this,” to which Mr. Fournier replied, “The Lord creates men and women like this all over the world. But only the great and free countries allow them to flourish. Keep up the fight.”

In fact, as it turns out, Tillman was against the war and evidence points to the probability he was whacked for this opposition. “The dark shadow of ‘black ops’ has fallen over the Tillman story, and it reaches all the way to the White House. Conspiracy theories are multiplying,” Charles Laurence wrote for the Daily Mail on August 3, 2007. “New evidence shows that he was turning out to be a very troubled ‘hero’, a poster boy for the Army and the War on Terror who may have been about to speak out against the war he had come to symbolize.”

In July of 2007, Army medical examiners concluded Tillman was shot three times in the head from just 10 yards away and there was no “friendly fire,” as initially suggested by the corporate media, following the government script. “Astounding new details surrounding the death of Pat Tillman clearly indicate that top brass decided to execute the former pro football star in cold blood to prevent him from returning home and becoming an anti-war icon,” Paul Joseph Watson wrote at the time. “These same criminals then engaged in a sophisticated conspiracy to create a phony ‘friendly fire’ cover story,” part and parcel of a larger and more insidious effort to create a “cover story” for the entire “war on terror,” including war crimes committed against Afghanistan and Iraq, the latter resulting in the premeditated murder of over a million people, a crime approaching Nuremberg proportion.

In order to set the bogus Tillman cover story in stone and obscure the truth, “White House staff exchanged more than 200 e-mails concerning Tillman’s death, according to the Oversight Committee report,” notes Juliano. In other words, the corporate media and the neocons were not only busy at work reshaping reality, but engaged in a criminal conspiracy and suppressing evidence, not only in regard to Tillman but the manufactured “hero” Jessica Lynch as well. Fournier, now acting bureau chief Associated Press, should be arrested and brought up on charges, as should Karl Rove, now at large after his refusal to appear before the House Oversight Committee.

Of course, this will not happen because Congress does not have the cajones to sincerely investigate and hold responsible the neocons and the corporate media, not only for the Big Lie in regard to the Tillman and Lynch fairy tales, but the larger and far more portentous lies spread in order to invade small and defenseless countries and kill millions of people.

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